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The charming Italian water dog has very distinctive characteristics that show off it’s ancient heritage. An authentic Lagotto haircut high lights it’s special appearance and personality.

My grooming video will keep your cucciolo squisito from looking like a doodle or a poodle. Quality professional production and sound along with step by step instructions make this the most complete Lagotto Grooming instructional available.

Do you want to learn to groom your dog yourself?

Home groomers can save thousands of dollars plus spend quality time and amore with your a Lagotto.

If you prefer to use a professional groomer – I guarantee you a great haircut by giving you the key to the language of grooming.

Included with each video is an introduction letter to the groomer as well as a form for you to print and take with clear instructions. You will know how to ask for the service you want – no more bad haircuts!

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The classic Italian style – perfect for winter. People who want their dog to look shabby chic will love this trim. Perfect for Winter. This adorable look is created by allowing the coat to form a dense wooly coat that the dog will need to be trimmed all the way down one time per year.



Classic Italian look without the matting, this is the most beautiful Lagotto haircut… it also requires the most maintenance and frequent trims.


Molto bene!

The perfect trim for the active family Lagotto. The body in trimmed short enough to avoid matting but still has a soft feel and adorable face.



This haircut is practical and cute. Short enought to enjoy playing, swimming, and digging but easy to keep your fun loving Lagotto clean while still looking like the real thing… keep your Lagotto in style.



If your Lagotto wants to get dirty and have fun but you want a clean house and car… This is your trim. A super short body and face allows you to enjoy your dog. Take a break from long hair. Perfect for Summer!

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